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Helen Oy

Helen Oy’s energy production has been awarded as the most efficient in the world. We want to offer our customers the best urban energy in the world.

Responsibility starts with all of us, develops together with customers and partners and also affects society as a whole. What is important to us is that we work with common sustainable principles in all our work. Our main goal is to be an accident-free workplace.

Cluster contact person: Minna Kovanen (email) 

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According to our HSEQ® principles, we aim to continually improve our operations and our value chain.

As member companies in the Cluster, we adhere to local laws and EU Directives. Also, we fulfill requirements set by our customers and those that are set by ourselves. All parties in a common workplace shall adhere to high safety standards, foresee healthy work environment, commit themselves to environmental responsibility and maintain good quality of operations and workmanship.

If you wish to apply for an HSEQ -assessment, please drop a line