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Frequently asked questions

We understand that you may have some questions about us and the HSEQ® assessment. That’s why we’ve compiled this FAQ page to provide you with the information you need.

Answer: The results of the assessment are transferred to the system when you move to the next or previous question in the self-assessment or the actual assessment. The evaluation can therefore be continued at a later date from where it was left before.

Answer: Contact persons of Buyer companies are listed for each company in the cluster section of the HSEQ assessment procedure. (Link)

Answer: The actual assessment visit lasts 1-2 business days depending on the scope. This time also includes a site / factory tour. The evaluation process starts with contact and ends with locking the assessment, including possible remedial action reporting, can take a few months. The duration of the assessment process depends a lot on how well the schedules of the different actors can be coordinated and also on how quickly the evaluated company responds to the reporting requests addressed to them.

Answer: The main contractor is responsible for the operation of its supply chain and its (legal) compliance.

Answer: Buyers use results of assessments. They can also participate in the events. Buyers can do this, for example, by contacting their company contact or signing up in the common audit plan. Buyers take a HSEQ assessment training, which ensures that there are no problems regardin the EU Anti-Competition Directive.

Answer: The final score is based on the weighted scores of the different sections (with a maximum score of 750 points).

Answer: If the company is not satisfied with the score, a re-evaluation is possible. The assessed company can order a re-assessment. Moderator (Kiwa) has also a procedure for handling complaints (Board of inpartiality).

Answer: The assessment covers the (local) business unit in question. A nation wide / corporate wide assessment can be performed according to a specified procedure.

Answer: The HSEQ Assessment adheres to a four level maturity model (not only to “on/off”). In the assessment situation, guidance is also given on how the assessed company can improve its operations in HSEQ matters.

Answer: Many customers require an HSEQ assessment from all their suppliers. However, the assessed organization always benefits from opportunities to discuss with the client and the professional assessor ways to improve their operations in HSEQ matters.


Answer: In the public HSEQ graph, the identification numbers of the assessed companies are displayed, because the company names can only be compared by trained users belonging to the  Cluster members. However, assessed companies can share their own identification number, for example, when marketing their own activities.

Answer: The cost of a Third party HSEQ® assessment of a supplier is normalluy (standard case):

  • In Finland 2,750 EUR + VAT.  This includes travel expenses.
  • In Sweden 32 000 SEK + VAT. This includes travel expenses.
  • In any other country, the price of the Assessment is 2500 EUR + Travel expenses + VAT.

It is possible to start smaller/lighter:

  • Only the Self Assessment (SA), (100 EUR)
  • Verification of the SA, (500 EUR)

the above costs will be compensated in the possible official assessment (as within 3 months)

A Heavier, 2 day audit would include a specific Quality module and thus cost a bit more. This is offered for a fixed price in Finland for 4100 EUR. Please contact the moderator for pricing in other countries.

A national or a multi-site audit can also be arranged. Please contact the moderator for more details. 

The assessment is valid for 3 years.

If you wish to apply for an HSEQ -assessment, please drop a line