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Health and Safety

The HSEQ® assessment involves the following roles of Occupational Health and Safety and covers several aspects:

H&S responsibles

would know

  • How the company identifies and assesses risks that exist at the workplace
  • What measures are taken based on these risks and
  • How emergencies and exceptional situations will be managed
  • How the company measures and monitors safety and its improvement
  • How safety is being assessed

Management representatives

will be interviewed for authorizing and organizing safety activities. Auditors will ask

  • How leaders and managers personally commit themselves to Health and Safety,
  • How the company plans, authorizes and manages safety activities,
  • How resources are allocated for safety improvement and
  • How staff and stakeholders are kept informed of risks and results
  • How the results are utilized in the management and development of operations

Human Resources

are necessary, because they know about

  • Safety induction training of newcomers
  • Safety training and management of expiring safety competences
  • Motivating safety behaviour and
  • Documenting trainings and training records
  • Means of communication relating Health and Safety information

If you wish to apply for an HSEQ -assessment, please drop a line