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Kotkan Energia

Kotkan Energia Ltd is an advanced energy company that focuses on energy production, industrial energy supplies and district heating distribution. The group employs approximately 120 people. In addition to the parent company, the Kotkan Energia group includes the subsidiaries KotkaGas Ltd, Kotkan Energiaverkot Ltd and KotkaTec Ltd. Our goal is to promote the well-being of our customers by producing high-quality and cost-effective energy services – every day, reliably, environmentally responsibly and cost-effectively. To achieve this, co-operation with partners and suppliers must be interactive and transparent. Being part of the HSEQ cluster offers an excellent network for developing social responsibility.

According to our HSEQ® principles, we aim to continually improve our operations and our value chain.

As member companies in the Cluster, we adhere to local laws and EU Directives. Also, we fulfill requirements set by our customers and those that are set by ourselves. All parties in a common workplace shall adhere to high safety standards, foresee healthy work environment, commit themselves to environmental responsibility and maintain good quality of operations and workmanship.

If you wish to apply for an HSEQ -assessment, please drop a line