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Kiwa Inspecta

Kiwa Inspecta is a leading inspection, testing and certification company (TIC). Our vision is to create security, reliability and sustainable development in Northern Europe. The Kiwa Group operates internationally in about 50 countries and employs more than 4,600 people. We are one of the 20 largest TIC companies in the world.

Management system evaluations give our customers new opportunities to develop their business and increase transparency in their quality, environmental, occupational health and safety practices. The marketability of our customers is significantly improved when their capabilities are verified by an independent party. Transparency increases business opportunities in the face of intensifying competition.

In supplier auditing we are market leaders. We have formed and managed several  clusters, where more than 70 large Buyers have created common models for auditing suppliers. The criteria developed in these clusters have been standardized (PSK 8404) in 2015.

Customers who value transparency and urge for trusted information and certainty, verified in professionally conducted supplier evaluations, use HSEQ-assessment as a basis for their long-term supplier relationships. New members are welcome to participate in the activities and benefit from the cooperation.

Contact person in the Cluster: Kaj von Weissenberg (email)

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According to our HSEQ® principles, we aim to continually improve our operations and our value chain.

As member companies in the Cluster, we adhere to local laws and EU Directives. Also, we fulfill requirements set by our customers and those that are set by ourselves. All parties in a common workplace shall adhere to high safety standards, foresee healthy work environment, commit themselves to environmental responsibility and maintain good quality of operations and workmanship.

If you wish to apply for an HSEQ -assessment, please drop a line