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Gasgrid Finland is a state-owned gas transmission network company (TSO), that started its operations t the beginning of 2020 and whose task is to ensure cost-effective, safe and uninterrupted gas transmission and to actively develop the gas market and the Finnish energy system. It has system responsibility for the entire gas transmission network in Finland. Within the limits permitted by the regulation, Gasgrid Finland may also offer other services based on the utilization of the gas transmission network. It is important for us to develop infrastructure, services and the gas market actively and customer-orientedly in order to promote the carbon-neutral energy system of the future throughout Europe.

Contact person in the cluster: Satu Saarinen  (email

Company Web pages: https://www.gasgrid.fi/en 

According to our HSEQ® principles, we aim to continually improve our operations and our value chain.

As member companies in the Cluster, we adhere to local laws and EU Directives. Also, we fulfill requirements set by our customers and those that are set by ourselves. All parties in a common workplace shall adhere to high safety standards, foresee healthy work environment, commit themselves to environmental responsibility and maintain good quality of operations and workmanship.

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